Church History

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Trinity congregation held its first meeting in 1906 in Scandia Hall with Pastor H.H. Frost, Sheyenne, ND, conducting the service. In 1911, Pastor Iver Havneros organized the congregation known as the Jamestown Scandinavian Lutheran Church. The following year Pastor J. C. Wisnaes was installed as the first resident pastor.

Pastor Wisnaes served until 1921 when Pastor Joseph Johnson was installed and served for 33 years during which time the congregation was named Trinity Lutheran.

In 1954, Rev. J. A. Nestigen was installed as pastor and in that same year the congregation began the broadcast of their radio service over KEYJ, which continues today over KQDJ. Ground was broken in May of 1955 for a new church building, that continues to be our present location. The building was updated in 2002, with the addition of a gathering space, fellowship hall, music rooms, and classrooms.

Other pastors having served at Trinity are Rev. Chester Johnson, Rev. Neil Thompson, Rev. Don Richman, Rev. Sheldon Tostengard, Rev. Joseph Belgum, Rev. Nancy Kraft, Rev. Rich Ferris, Rev. Norm Anderson, Rev. Terry Anderson, and Rev. David Eppelsheimer.




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 Senior Pastor:

001  Pastor Kristi Weber –


Administrative / Financial Secretary:

 Joleen Scott –

Director of Children and Family Ministries:

Sarah McDermid –

Youth Coordinator:

 Kirstie Dobson –

Pastoral Assistant:

 Shirley Laber –

Congregation Council

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The Congregation Council shall:

  1. Oversee the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  2. Be responsible for the financial and property matters of this congregation.
  3. See that the provisions of the constitution, bylaws and continuing resolutions are carried out.
  4. Provide for an annual review of the membership roster.
  5. Be responsible for the appointment and supervision of the salaried lay workers of the congregation.
  6. Submit a comprehensive report, through our committees, officers, staff and auxiliaries, to the congregation at the annual meeting.


  • Jeff Hoff, President
  • Russ Sunderland, Vice President
  • Judy Perleberg, Secretary
  • Peg Beckman, Treasurer
  • Dale Erickson
  • Brenda Knapp
  • Lu Ann Knoke
  • Connie Lillejord
  • Tom Sanders
  • Joyce Schulz
  • Candace Sedler
  • Jim Vagneur