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September – April Check with church office for dates and times (252-2841)
Quilters gather to sew for Lutheran World Relief and local needs as they arise. Donations of large pieces of fabric for backing are welcome.  Also welcome……anyone interested in quilting or learning how to sew and tie blocks. Quilters bring warmth to heart and home.

Quilt Challenge for Coming Year

Thanks to all the women who sewed quilt pieces at home or came to the church to help with quilting, especially Phyllis Benson and Joyce Kukla who led the effort.

Because of the great need for quilts worldwide, in 2013 Lutheran World Relief will challenge Lutherans to reach an unprecedented milestone in LWR Quilt Ministry –creating 500,000 LWR Quilts in one year, a 25% increase in the average number in any given year.

Two of Trinity’s faithful quilters will have moved by fall’s startup time so new recruits are needed, especially with the new challenge. Prior experience and sewing skills are not needed. Anyone wishing to sew block tops (60″ x 80″) at home can pick up fabric at church. Old sheets, spreads and drapery fabric can be donated for backing and filling. Also donations of fabric and crochet thread for tying are welcome.

Bethany Lutheran Church in Hatton made 125 quilts to celebrate its 125th anniversary. Could Trinity make 101 for its 101st year?